Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Channel 4 - very naughty

Just has some bizarre chicken creation from Morrisons which stated that it serves two. Two dwarves perhaps, but I could easily have eaten several. All this nonsense about food labelling legislation with regards additives and ingredients , yet manufacturers are still allowed to print ludicrous serving claims.

Caught up with that Channel Four documentary on the EDL earlier on this afternoon. Very naughty Channel Four, qualifying everything the Muslim extremist said with a "moderate" interpretation from an Islamic scholar.As for the EDL, you may have noticed , despite enormous provocation from a small few, I generally don't slag off other patriots and Nationalists.

With a considerable amount of responsibility resting on a young man's shoulders one or two errors are inevitable. It's not easy attacking the anti-British Establishment and defending an ungrateful white race no matter from which angle you decide to approach.  You'll be called many, many things, coward not being one of them.