Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Mechanics of Oppression

Nick is in Brussels this week from where he sent me these two photographs this afternoon from an exhibition of Serbian religious art in the European Parliament. He was quite taken with the fighting griffins decorating a monastery no doubt wondering what they would look like in his study at home.

On a more serious note this image illustrates that many other parts of traditional Europe loved our patron saint as well.

The other image he sent me was from last weekend and he wishes to pass on his thanks to all of those who stayed behind to help with the take down.

On a much more serious note, judging from the response, it would seem that yesterday's illustration of how the state now moves to crush political opposition in modern Britain really shocked a few people. Well check out these two images below which graphically illustrate the tactics now being used by the "Equalities and Human Rights Commission" to force people to accept liberal multiculturalism.

I've always felt proud of the way this blog has set its stall out to keep everyone informed about exactly what is going on the front line. Well world take a really good, hard look at what this country has now descended to. A country that still has the audacity to lecture the likes of Zimbabwe, Iraq and Afghanistan on civil rights and democracy.

Analyse these scans and digest the true meaning of exactyly what we are dealing with here.If you feel strongly about this, realising that this is the thin end of the wedge and only the start of the spiral down to true fascism and totalitarianism, you might want to visit here.